RECORD, founded in 1952 and has as its object the production and marketing of premium quality handmade plasticine, handmade sealing wax and related products. Since 1952 the main goal of the company is to provide the end-user products made “by human hands for human hands." After 64 years of continuous presence, it is the oldest independent and unique Greek company, keeping up to date as main activity the production of high quality handmade plasticine and related products. The company occupies 700 m2 area which includes production, packaging and storing facilities.


RECORD it is certified according to ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 14001,and also has been tested and carries on its products the CE mark according EN 71 -1, 2, 3, 9, 11.


RECORD products are distributed only through a dealers network, having as objective to cover the largest share of the bookstore space needs, hobby shops and Stationery shops.


2017 Is the year RECORD revised its strategy. The administration took the decision to operate in market places beyond the Greek territory. Our long experience in production of high quality products will ensure and satisfy absolutely every new international customer.


Following these moves and new collaborations, RECORD focuses on strengthening the products and services offered in the international market and further development of services such as:
• children's creativity,
• artistic creativity of amateur and professional artists,
• employment of elderly people and people with disabilities
• as well as the shipping industry and in specialized tasks and applications.


That already leads to the second century of successful and sincere presence in the Greek market, as well as the search for new partnerships in Europe and the wider world market. Finally, our vision is " The Continuous coverage of human needs in fields of child creativity, artistic creation, rehabilitation of people with disabilities and technical resources, with high quality products in a high cost / performance ratio".